When I provide coaching to people studying for their licensure exams, I strongly emphasize the importance of doing additional steps beyond just reading. If you are like me (and the majority of most people) reading can be a passive form of studying--meaning that my eyes can read over the words, and meanwhile I'm thinking things like "What am I going to make for dinner?" or "I need to catch up on my laundry." So that when I close my book I have no idea what I just read. So how can we change reading from a passive form of studying to an active form of studying? Look at this image below, developed and revised by Bruce Hyland from material created by Edgar Hale. It is a great illustration of how "we tend to remember our level of involvement" with how we study. 


So create flash cards, take notes, record your own voice as you read aloud, and/or write down what you're reading. It will force your brain to stay engaged. A great way to test yourself on your knowledge...teach it to someone else (a partner, a friend). I can remember getting in front of the mirror and trying to teach different concepts. If I was pausing too much, tripping over words, and teaching it terribly then that was an indication to me to go back and strengthen that material. Other times I could teach a certain concept flawlessly and would realize I knew that material well. That was also a great confidence booster! 

What are some great active forms of studying that you would like to share?