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Patty ShomakerTriad Team
Account Manager, Jobs Marketplace

Featured Employer: BlueSprig


We're founded on 'what if?' What if we focus on quality services? What if we are a leader in ABA research? What if we are strong advocates for the rights of all children with autism? Instead of choosing, we're pursuing all three together - that's the BlueSprig difference.

Hiring RBT, Psychologists, Clinical Supervisors and BCBA's.

For more information about available jobs at BlueSprig please visit Jobs Marketplace  or contact @Nicole Delano or @Jenny Pagan to learn more.

Teletherapy Aimed to Make Mental Health Care More Inclusive. The Data Show a Different Story

For years, teletherapy has been pitched as the next frontier in mental-health care. Advocates argued that telehealth could make counseling more accessible and convenient for everyone, with particular benefits for those who lived in health care deserts or who couldn’t regularly drive back and forth to see a clinician. Since the start of the pandemic, telehealth has indisputably improved mental-health care access—but not to such an extent that it delivers on promises of revolutionizing the mental-health system.

Read more about the data on telehealth usage broken down by demographics.

How to overcome imposter phenomenon

Experts share why impostor feelings arise and how psychologists can overcome them and best help others with the same struggle. According to the Journal of General Internal Medicine, up to 82% of people face feelings of impostor phenomenon, struggling with the sense they haven’t earned what they’ve achieved and are a fraud. These feelings can contribute to increased anxiety and depression, less risk-taking in careers, and career burnout.

Continue reading about the effects of imposter phenomenon and how to conquer these feelings.