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Featured Job: Family Services Therapist/Counselor

Are you looking to serve your community through hands-on patient work while being surrounded by an encouraging and knowledgeable team dedicated to helping you grow as a professional?

At @Family Services, Inc. we believe in doing just that. By bringing together skilled practitioners and those in the community that could benefit from their support and skills, we’re building stronger and safer neighborhoods throughout Dutchess, Orange and Ulster counties, one step at a time.

$5000 new hire incentive available!

Family Services is seeking a Therapist/Counselor to join their team.  Apply to this opportunity at Triad Jobs Marketplace here

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AATBS is proud to serve those who serve others and the Military Discount is our way of saying thank you to all past and present members of the US Armed Forces.

An exclusive discount offer of 35% Off is available sitewide for current and former members of the United States Military, National Guard, and/or Reserves.

Learn more about the Military Discount here