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Behavioral Health Today

Our podcast, Behavioral Health Today (a Triad Production), is designed to share unique and relevant topics occurring within our world and communities, and bring them a behavioral and mental health perspective.

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We, as therapists, have an opportunity to educate and challenge people to the conscious and unconscious aspects of racism. Hear from Alethea Glave, LCSW, as she talks about therapy specifically addressing mental health in underserved and underrepresented communities and ways to grow and promote W.E.A.L.T.H. principles (worth, esteem, awareness, love, tuning, and healing).

🚨 Two Part Episode

In this two part episode, Dr. Graham Taylor is joined by Saj Razvi, LPC, Director of Education at the Psychedelic Somatic Institute (PSI).  Saj’s primary focus is on the wide-scale adoption and accessibility of psychedelic therapy through training therapists to work with cannabis and ketamine-assisted therapy in private practice settings. In this two-part series, we discuss what is psychedelic therapy, the various substances that are being used, and why we utilize psychedelic therapy to access the trauma underneath the secondary consciousness to promote healing. Listen to Part One Now 

Part Two Available Now

It’s important to understand that the reason we must go to these dark places, such as violent crime, is in the interest of prevention of future crime. In this episode, Dr. Graham Taylor is joined by Dr. Gary Brucato, clinical psychologist, researcher, and author in the areas of violence, early psychosis, and other serious psychopathology.
Together, Emily and Graham discuss the learned skills, strategies, and treatments for her successful long-term recovery and Emily’s transition to a Peer Provider position with lived experience helping others with their recovery journey to teach them how to live successful lives. Emily’s story is an inspirational one, that those with mental illness can, through recovery, reach their fullest potential.