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Triad Study Groups
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Study Partner please starting in new year in January 2023 for LMFT CA EXAM!! :)

Study Partner(s) please!!! EPPP

Calgary based, writing for the third time EPPP. Would love some study partners for weekends and evenings. Please reach out if you are interested in getting together virtually!

Planning to write again before xmas, before legislation changes in Alberta., to start this weekend. 

Looking for others studying for the same licensure exam?

Ready to join or start a study group with others studying for the same exam and on the same timeline as you?  Connect with other community members by posting in the study group dedicated to your licensure exam linked here.

Important details to include in your post include exam name, anticipated exam date, availability or ideal group meeting times, and a Zoom meeting link.  

Once you have posted in the study group, be sure to update your notification preferences so that you receive timely notifications from other study group members.  Here's a short video showing how to update your notification settings.

Happy studying!

Anthonette Blake
Community Mental Health Therapist

Looking for Ohio LCSW Zoom Study Group. Eastern Standard Time Zone.

Hello,  I am looking for an Ohio LCSW study group?  I am presently in a Zoom Study Group with West Coast therapists.  There is a 3 hour time difference, I was hoping to start a Zoom study group during Eastern Standard Time.  Please let me know if you would like to join.  Thank you in advance.