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PresenceLearningEmployer Partner
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***Licensed School Psychologist needed in Nebraska and Ohio***

PresenceLearning is currently looking for a Licensed School Psychologist in Nebraska and Ohio. If you know of anyone that would be open to new opportunities or supplemental income please send them our way. We partner with K-12 school districts and our options are completely remote tele-therapy based. I am here to answer any questions and would be more than happy to jump on an information call. 


Oliver LubinTriad Team
Chief Product & Technology Officer

Students, what are your most pressing questions or challenges right now?

Want to better understand how we can evolve this community to support your needs. Looking forward to your replies. 

Luis Sanchez, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Neuropsychology Resident
Voted for No

Licensing exams serve as gatekeepers to ensure the wellbeing of consumers of the profession.  They don't discriminate between optimal and suboptimal clinicians.  Unfortunately, many great clinicians fail licensing exams while other ill-prepared individuals pass them.

Voted for Unsure

I believe being licensed helps improve self-confidence and increases credibility, which in turn may influence others to perceive licensed clinicians as better clinicians. Clinical skills and other factors makes good clinicians, not a license.