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Self Care
Self Care
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🌟 It's World Mental Health Day 2023! 🌟

At Wellnite, every day is Mental Health Day. We're committed to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and providing support when you need it most.

🫂 Your mental health matters.
💬 Talk openly, without judgment.
🤝 Lean on your support system.
🧠 Prioritize self-care.

Together, we can create a world where mental health is a priority. Let's raise awareness and support one another. 💪

Need someone to talk to? We're here for you 24/7, reach out to us anytime at 💙

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Self Care

"Controlling the Controllables" can be easier said than done! See what Self-Care Advice is out there to combat exhaustion.

Amy WeilTriad Team
Triad Community Manager

How burnout taught me to be a better therapist

I experienced the difficulty of becoming a therapist firsthand when I burned out last year. Heavy and unexpected relational and family circumstances, along with a growing and demanding caseload left me feeling depleted and overwhelmed. I hit my limit. I fantasized about being a librarian or janitor – anything where I didn’t have to face other people’s pain and expectations.

Thankfully, my supervisor was understanding and supportive. He allowed me to cut back to five clients a week, which gave me time and space to rest and restore. During that time, I learned just how limited and precious my energy was. I have limits. And when I blow past those limits it isn’t good for my clients, for me, and for those I love.

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