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Self Care
Self Care
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Self Care

"Controlling the Controllables" can be easier said than done! See what Self-Care Advice is out there to combat exhaustion.

How burnout taught me to be a better therapist

I experienced the difficulty of becoming a therapist firsthand when I burned out last year. Heavy and unexpected relational and family circumstances, along with a growing and demanding caseload left me feeling depleted and overwhelmed. I hit my limit. I fantasized about being a librarian or janitor – anything where I didn’t have to face other people’s pain and expectations.

Thankfully, my supervisor was understanding and supportive. He allowed me to cut back to five clients a week, which gave me time and space to rest and restore. During that time, I learned just how limited and precious my energy was. I have limits. And when I blow past those limits it isn’t good for my clients, for me, and for those I love.

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Taylor Study MethodPartner
A Proven Learning System for Psychologists

Do you practice self-care?

It’s well known that mental health professions are associated with burnout. That risk increases when the general population faces prolonged stress, psychotherapy is in higher demand, and students’ needs—both remote and in-person—are more taxing. As providers continue shouldering their patients’ personal difficulties alongside their own, some psychologists argue self-care isn’t an optional add-on to a busy schedule but an ethical and moral imperative for the profession.

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How 15 minutes of mental health hygiene can change your whole day

You brush your teeth twice a day to keep plaque from building up and see a dentist regularly for extra maintenance. It’s just good hygiene.

But how often are you practicing mental hygiene?

Whether you have a specific concern or are just trying to get through your day a little better, taking about 15 minutes each morning to maintain your mental health is something everyone could benefit from, said Broderick Sawyer, a clinical psychologist in Louisville, Kentucky.

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