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How the Brain Handles Modern Life (and how modern life "mishandles" the brain.)

In February of this year a medical case report appeared in the Washington Post. It described a young woman whose mental health had been declining dramatically since college. Initially diagnosed as ADHD, this was changed to bipolar disorder, and finally, at age 24, she became psychotic. She did not recognize her parents, was paranoid, and generally incoherent. She was taken to the hospital to be admitted to a psychiatric unit.

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All Those Zoom Meetings Could Be Hindering Your Creativity

During the last two years, video conferencing software has become ubiquitous in today’s world, but a new study says that these tools are stifling workplace creativity.

According to the research, published in Nature by Dr. Melanie S. Brucks and Dr. Jonathan Levav1 of Columbia and Stanford University, respectively “…videoconferencing hampers idea generation because it focuses communicators on a screen, which prompts a narrower cognitive focus.”

In conversation with business leaders with companies of varying types, that decreased creativity has been increasingly visible in their workplaces.

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America's mental health care deserts: Where is it hard to access care?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and two years into a global pandemic that has highlighted the need for increased access to mental health care, 570 counties across the United States still have no psychologists, psychiatrists or counselors.

They're known as mental health care deserts.

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