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Personal Goals
Personal Goals
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Lindsay Miller
Private Practice Consultant at SonderMind

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We know therapy works. That's why we’re redesigning mental healthcare to make it easier to find and access therapy; all while using insurance. 

If you are a licensed therapist and would like to grow a practice with the type of clients and caseload you’ve always wanted send me a message! Or email/text me at, (720)-637-4713




Pass the ASWB exam June 2022.

Pass MFT clinical exam by December 2021 :)

Toni Vadala
Licensed Clinician LMSW, FDC


GOAL: LCSW within 3.5 years

Objective: Graduate by December 2021.  

Pass License LMSW exam by March 2022

Begin new job as a licensed therapist March 2022

Begin tracking supervision hours (I need 2000 or 3000 for NYS, gotta double check that)

Schedule LCSW exam

Pass LCSW exam by 2025.