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Partner Spotlight: Foothold

Foothold Technology’s behavioral health EHR system, AWARDS, was built to transform the way behavioral health organizations provide care. We currently support nearly 350 organizations across the country in nearly 30 states. AWARDS offers industry-leading security, interoperability, practice management tools, and clinical documentation capabilities, as well as the flexibility to handle Social Determinants of Health. With many of our team members coming from human service agencies themselves, we deeply understand the challenges our customers experience, we speak their language, and we can help them leverage technology to advocate for the individuals they serve.

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Partner Spotlight: Exym


Exym's intuitive EHR software is built specifically for the needs of behavioral health agencies. Exym has extensive experience supporting providers in California, but we proudly serve behavioral health agencies throughout the United States.  Easy to learn and quick to train, Exym allows providers to spend more time with clients and less time managing the tasks that accompany this work. Customers choose (and stay with) Exym because they see the impact the customizable system has on their ability to automate billing, keep documentation up to date for compliance, provide telehealth, pull vital analytics easily, and track case management needs across multiple programs.

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Partner Spotlight: TogetherWell

TogetherWell is a membership platform that connects verified mental health professionals to the community to offer mental health workshops. TogetherWell is dedicated to lowering the systematic barriers to mental health education, resources, and tools. Our goal is to help improve the well-being of families and communities in need by making critical information and support more accessible and affordable. As a 501c3 nonprofit, they reinvest back into the therapist community through education and other professional benefits.

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Partner Spotlight: Social Work Today

Going into its 20th year of publication, Social Work Today is established as an essential resource for social work professionals. Our in-depth content examines the difficult issues, challenges, and successes of social workers, while celebrating the profession’s common bonds, including all of its distinct roles and varied work settings.

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