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Partner Spotlight: Symptom Media

A trusted resource for countless healthcare professionals and over 400 universities, colleges & medical schools, Symptom Media is an online library of over 600 DSM 5 & ICD 10 Guided Video Case Studies and CE Courses to reinforce symptom recognition for proper diagnosing, improve clinical competency and assessment skill, enhance training programs, and much more.

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Partner Spotlight: PSYBooks

Top-of-the-line, integrated practice management software designed by a practicing psychologist specifically to meet the needs of mental health professionals. In addition to regular features such as documentation, billing, scheduling, and payment processing, PSYBooks also offers a complete set of telehealth tools and even a mobile app, to keep pace with the needs of today’s therapist. Individual and group practices. We love doing free demos! Give us a try!

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Partner Spotlight: Foothold

Foothold Technology’s behavioral health EHR system, AWARDS, was built to transform the way behavioral health organizations provide care. We currently support nearly 350 organizations across the country in nearly 30 states. AWARDS offers industry-leading security, interoperability, practice management tools, and clinical documentation capabilities, as well as the flexibility to handle Social Determinants of Health. With many of our team members coming from human service agencies themselves, we deeply understand the challenges our customers experience, we speak their language, and we can help them leverage technology to advocate for the individuals they serve.

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Partner Spotlight: Exym

Exym's intuitive EHR software is built specifically for the needs of behavioral health agencies. Exym has extensive experience supporting providers in California, but we proudly serve behavioral health agencies throughout the United States.  Easy to learn and quick to train, Exym allows providers to spend more time with clients and less time managing the tasks that accompany this work. Customers choose (and stay with) Exym because they see the impact the customizable system has on their ability to automate billing, keep documentation up to date for compliance, provide telehealth, pull vital analytics easily, and track case management needs across multiple programs.

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