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I practice mindfulness daily. As a clinician at a methadone clinic, taking that 1 minute to breathe is very helpful.

Mindfulness Training Helps Kids Sleep Longer, Study Shows

The stress and disruptions of the pandemic has resulted in shortages of sleep for just about everyone—including kids. But a new study has found something that might help little ones rest easier: mindfulness training.

New research from the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that a diverse group of children from low-income households slept more than an hour longer each night after learning mindfulness training at their elementary schools for two years. The experiment also boosted the duration of kids’ rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is important for emotional well-being and resilience.

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The combination of music and nature can be a transformative one and a powerful tool to increase immersion and promote mindfulness in one’s life. In this episode, Dr. Erin Elmore speaks with Joshua Sam Miller. Joshua is a multi-disciplinary artist, environmentalist, and conscious entrepreneur on a mission to connect people to the natural world through immersive art. Recently, he has been an advocate for the importance of ocean conservation through Sounds of the Ocean, an immersive mindful experience which blends the arts and sciences to connect with marine life through sound. Joshua has committed himself to music as his primary expression since 2018. His music is inspired by the lineages of Nada Yoga, Afro-Cuban rhythm, Indian Raga, Jewish and Sufi mysticism, and Jazz with the goal of creating immersive content to support healthy lives and inspire meaningful action. Together Erin and Joshua discuss the inspiration and intention of his music, the power of sound to promote meditation and mindfulness, our connection of nature and humanity, and their advocacy for conservation and how Joshua’s music aims to encourage mindfulness as well as action by working with local NGOs and ocean conservation organizations.

Free CE Course Spotlight: Mindfulness and Pandemic-Related Stress

Mindfulness-based interventions have been developed for use with college students, but research on the effectiveness of these interventions is limited. The present study explored the effectiveness of a mindfulness-based group therapy intervention for helping undergraduates cope with COVID-19-related stress. This intervention, Koru Mindfulness (KM), was administered to students across four weekly sessions. A second group of students who did not participate in KM served as controls. As the COVID-19 pandemic developed, students who participated in KM showed increases in mindfulness and self-compassion, but no change in emotional distress, while control group students showed no changes in mindfulness and self-compassion but increases in stress and anxiety. Further analyses indicated that the benefits of KM were related to how much participants increased in mindfulness. These findings have clinical implications for the use of mindfulness-based interventions among college students and other young adults.

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