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'Travel therapy': Could holidays help mental health and wellbeing?


Many of us will have likely heard of music therapy and art therapy -- but what about 'travel therapy'?

A new cross-disciplinary paper from Edith Cowan University (ECU) proposes we change the way we view tourism, seeing it not just as a recreational experience but as an industry that can provide real health benefits.

The collaboration between ECU's Centre for Precision Health and School of Business and Law found many aspects of going on holiday could have a positive impact on those with mental health issues or conditions.

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How Congressman Ritchie Torres Champions Mental Health


In 2013, United States Congressman Ritchie Torres, who represents New York’s 15th district in the South Bronx, became New York City’s youngest elected official at age 25 and the first openly gay person elected in the Bronx. Torres, who recently announced he will be running for re-election, has also been an outspoken advocate for mental health.

Torres shares his personal struggles with mental health, the tools he uses to conquer them and how he’s championed mental health.

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Mental Health Care Should Be Available for All, Not a Luxury

Rates of mental illness were already high in the U.S., but the pandemic intensified everything: Illness, loneliness, job loss, grief, and other stressors related to COVID induced a nationwide rise in anxiety and depression. As difficult as the pandemic has been, however, it hit some groups far harder than others. It exacerbated social and economic inequities already known to drive and sustain poor mental health among marginalized communities. Those in rural America, already less likely to receive mental health care than those in urban areas, were particularly hard hit. So were people of color, who are more likely to be hospitalized and die from COVID and are less likely to receive mental health care compared with white people. And for those who were unhoused or formerly incarcerated, the consequences have been profound.

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This may be the most creative path to mental health you’ve never tried

One of the best pieces of breakup advice my friend Genna gave me during a tumultuous end to a long-term relationship was to write poetry.

Feeling desperate in my heartbreak, I was willing to try anything. As Emily Dickinson wisely advised:

Not knowing when the Dawn will come

I open every Door

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