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Bettering Mental Health Outcomes for LGBTQ+ Youth

"We have a responsibility to remedy mental health disparities and prevent suicide in LGBTQ+ youth. Here is how practitioners, family members and community-minded citizens can help.”

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The Media Pays Attention When Trans People Die, But The Living Are Struggling With Grief

Violent attacks and discriminatory laws have taken a toll on the mental health of trans people. Many wish there was as much attention on the well-being of those living with traumas as there is on those who have been killed. When people talk about trans mental health, the emphasis is often placed on gender dysphoria or the challenges of transitioning — less is said about the toll that a climate of intolerance, violence, & political hostility can take on transgender people.

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The Mental Health Impact of Delays to Gender-Affirming Surgery

The pandemic canceled most surgeries unrelated to COVID-19, including gender-affirming options. Trans people faced delayed and canceled surgeries as well as a loss of methods to afford them. The mental health impact of not being able to access gender-affirming surgery can be life threatening.

Read more about the effects of the pandemic on the LGBTQ+ community and the importance of mental health support before and after gender-affirming surgery.