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Managing Community Email Preferences

It’s easy to manage your Triad notification settings!  You have control over the types of emails you get and how often you get those emails, right from your account.

To update your notification settings at any time:


  1. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of any page in the Community
  2. Click on Account Settings
  3. Click on Email & Notifications in the left-hand menu
  4. Fine-tune the settings to what works best for you by toggling items on or off or by selecting items from the drop-down menus.
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the Email & Notifications section to save your new settings.

 That’s it!  Your notification settings have now been personalized. 

 Here's a screenshot for reference:


Candi LemoineTriad Team
User Experience Developer / Project Manager

Enhance Your Profile

Adding details to your professional profile will help you stand out and open future opportunities. We’ve created a set of categories and sub-categories to choose from: 

  • Experience
    • Diagnoses
    • Issues
  • Therapeutic Approach
    • Methodologies
    • Modalities
  • Patient Focus
    • Age Groups
    • Populations

To add these to your profile: 

1. Go to the menu and click “Jobs Marketplace“

2. Click “Profile” in the top menu

3. Select any category and click on the purple buttons to add skills to your profile

4. Choose all options that apply to you; Click on "View More" to see other options

5. Scroll down and click on "I'm Done" in the bottom right corner when you've selected your skills for that category

We’ll add more categories in the near future. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, comment below with the skills you’d like to add to your profile. 

Also, if you do not have any experience, we are planning on developing a special category for "Areas of Interest". If you’d like to provide input on this upcoming feature or any future features, join the Triad Research & Beta Testing Group.

 ☀️Happy Tuesday! ☀️


Oliver LubinTriad Team
Chief Product & Technology Officer

Suggestion: Add photos/videos and tag Topics to your posts

Imagery always makes things more interesting. Right?

Also, tagging your posts with Topics makes them easier to find, and to find related content.