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Featured Job: S:US Trauma Informed Care Specialist

@Services for the Underserved works with communities and individuals in every corner of the city and on Long Island to make sure every New Yorker has the chance to find home.

We envision a city where everyone has a roof over their head, is healthy, productive and can enjoy the social connections that create a life of purpose. We’re a nonprofit with a staff of 1,800 that provides $245 million in services. Our efforts are supported by various local, state and federal government entities as well as foundations, corporations and individual donors. Most importantly, our vision allows us to deliver the same quality of services to one individual or to thousands. No challenge is beyond our scope.

S:US is seeking a Trauma Informed Care Specialist to join their team.  Apply to this opportunity at Triad Jobs Marketplace

Featured Job: Pathways Non-licensed Outpatient Therapist

Being part of the FBR team is not just a job, it's an experience. FBR is active in the community and regularly attends and leads local events. Our organization has been selected as the winner for the 2021 Best of Ford City Awards in the category of Counseling Services!

We work in local schools, homes, and communities servicing children with diagnosed behavioral and mental health disorders. We also provide Outpatient Mental Health Therapy in numerous locations throughout the state of PA and in Ohio. Our mission is to empower people to improve their lives by providing the highest quality behavioral health care.

Pathways is seeking a Non-licensed Outpatient Therapist to join their team. Apply to this opportunity at Triad Jobs Marketplace.

Featured Job: SonderMind Remote Mental Health Therapist

At @SonderMind, we’re changing the way people access, receive, and participate in mental health care. Joining SonderMind means joining a community of mental health professionals who are committed to making a difference in people’s lives through personalized, evidence-based care.

Whether you’re looking to grow your practice or develop your professional skills, SonderMind can help you find the right caseload, participate in a community of dedicated licensed professionals, and access professional development opportunities.

SonderMind is seeking a Remote Mental Health Therapist to join their team.  Apply to this opportunity at Triad Jobs Marketplace

Featured Job: Pyramid Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Counselor (Full Time)

We are committed and proud to live our CORE values and use them to inspire those around us. Our employees are expected to align with these values, behaviors and standards. We are held accountable for upholding these CORE Values: INTEGRITY is striving to be honest, transparent and ethical when dealing with clients, staff and the community. DEDICATION is demonstrating an unwavering commitment to always provide exceptional care and support to those we serve is needed daily. COLLABORATION is a steadfast, team-focused approach; working together to achieve excellence. PASSION is genuine, compelling and relentless desire to improve lives and support Pyramid Healthcare’s mission.

Pyramid Healthcare, Inc. is seeking an Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Counselor to join their team.  Apply to this opportunity at Triad Jobs Marketplace