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Ideas & Feature Requests
Ideas & Feature Requests

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Robert Shackelford
Pre-licensed Clinical Therapist
I like the scenarios on the topic of determining DSM-5 diagnosis. I got an email on a girl who was experiencing significant physical symptoms that initially didn't make any sense... But I immediately got it when I saw out of the 4 answers, acute stress disorder.

Concerning practice management software

Before I sign up for triad practice management software I would like to have the possibility to see how all of it actually looks like. How about a free trial, how about a more detailed description of its features? How about what’s included and what’s an add on feature? I find it strange that I am expected to buy a product without even knowing how it looks like. It’s like you ask me to buy a car simply by the sound of its name but without seeing or test driving it

Voted for More ways for students and professionals to connect

This would be an important tool to reach even after any student have reached their potential. It ensures opportunities for growth in the areas of professional development continuing preparation after license achievement. Well done AATBS.

World Book Day: Mental Health Books We Love!

Washington Psychological Wellness celebrates World Book Day by promoting some of our favorite mental health books and resources!


Happy World Book Day!

The world has been collectively experiencing trauma a result of COVID-19. We, as mental health practionners are not immune. The past year has affected us like none other and we’re still learning how to deal with the mental and emotional effects not only for ourselves but our clients. 

As mental health professionals, it's important we lean toward each other, colloborate and share as many resources as we can during tiring times. That is exactly why our team at Washington Psychological Wellness put together this list of mental health resources and books we jointly love. 

Here are two books we love:

􀀀 “It Didn’t Start with You” by Mark Wolynn

􀀀 “The Body Keeps Score” by Bessel Can Der Kolk 

For a complete List of Resources Check Out:

       Feel free to use this resource or share it with clients or colleagues! 

       What are some mental health book suggestions to add to our list!?

       We are always looking for more recommendations!