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Ideas & Feature Requests
Ideas & Feature Requests

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Voted for More ways for students and professionals to connect

I feel that it is important that we the students find and research as many ways as possible to get the most helpful information that we can find about the field of work that we have chosen for our selves. I think that its our responsibility to get ahold of as much information and guidance as possible to make it a easier and better transition for all parties involved. 

Voted for Live Industry chats

I would love to have many resources to help guide me in the specific direction I may decide to go in and help me know all the steps to take and everything to get myself as far ahead as possible to get through school smoother.

Robert Shackelford
Pre-licensed Clinical Therapist
I like the scenarios on the topic of determining DSM-5 diagnosis. I got an email on a girl who was experiencing significant physical symptoms that initially didn't make any sense... But I immediately got it when I saw out of the 4 answers, acute stress disorder.

Concerning practice management software

Before I sign up for triad practice management software I would like to have the possibility to see how all of it actually looks like. How about a free trial, how about a more detailed description of its features? How about what’s included and what’s an add on feature? I find it strange that I am expected to buy a product without even knowing how it looks like. It’s like you ask me to buy a car simply by the sound of its name but without seeing or test driving it