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Erica Whiting
Licensed Clinical Psychologist • AATBS EPPP Coach

Exam Day Prep

You’ve studied, taken practice exams, and now your test day is approaching. So now what?

During the week of your exam, it’s important to continue to review content but avoid cramming and try not to take a practice exam in the days leading up to the exam. At this point, your goal is to work on your mental game, regroup and refresh, and do anything you can to be on autopilot on the day of the exam – you don’t want to expend your cognitive resources trying to figure out what to wear, locating the testing center, or navigating detours because of traffic. Use the tips below to help things go smoothly on exam day:

Travel Logistics

  • Confirm your exam time and location. If possible, drive to the testing center before exam day so you know the route, identify alternative routes, and have an idea of how long it will take to get there.
  • Make sure your vehicle has gas and arrange for someone else to take you as back-up in case you have car trouble.
  • If you’re staying in a hotel the night before, confirm your reservation and try to arrive earlier in the day so you have time to unwind.

Day Before the Exam

  • Eat a good, well-balanced meal.
  • Plan to do something relaxing the afternoon or evening before your exam.
  • Don’t do anything new or demanding. Stick to low-key, enjoyable activities that won’t task your mental resources (e.g., watch a movie you’ve seen before).
  • Try to avoid... (More)
Erica Whiting
Licensed Clinical Psychologist • AATBS EPPP Coach

Principles of Behavior Study Aid: Matching Law

Behavior goes where reinforcement flows! 

With Matching Law, we put more of our effort into what is going to give us more return on our investment.