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Are virtual visits here to stay?

Covid Was a Tipping Point for Telehealth. If Some Have Their Way, Virtual Visits Are Here to Stay.

As the covid crisis wanes and life approaches normal across the U.S., health industry leaders and many patient advocates are pushing Congress and the Biden administration to preserve the pandemic-fueled expansion of telehealth that has transformed how millions of Americans see the doctor…

4 Populations That Need Mental Health Help Now

We are reaching a positive tipping point in the COVID-19 pandemic as we have moved closer to the 70-85% vaccination rate needed for herd immunity. Yet while mass vaccination helps ensure physical health, our country is also facing a mental health crisis. This article focuses on four communities who are especially vulnerable right now: people of color who have faced hate and injustice, frontline workers who risked their own well-being for others, those who have lost connections, and the women, moms and caregivers who have given up their own well-being to tend to others.

Read more about why these communities are vulnerable and how resources can be provided to help.

Mental Health America Releases First-Ever State And County-Level Data Analyzing Suicide Risk During COVID-19

On Sunday, Mental Health America released the first-ever state and county-level data analyzing potential suicide risk in the year 2020. The states and counties identified in the analysis represent those with the greatest need for a fast and coordinated response amid the mental health crisis brought on by COVID-19. The report identified key findings on both the state and county level, including which states had the highest reports of suicidal ideation.

Read more about the key findings of this study in Mental Health America. The article also includes a link to the full report. 

Has Covid Remade Psychotherapy for Good?

The author of this New York Times article talks about her experience with virtual therapy and the positive impacts of telehealth. It’s convenient for both the therapist and patient and therapists can reach a wider range of clients. Will teletherapy be the new norm, despite in-person activities restarting?

Read more about the benefits of virtual therapy, and find an interesting discussion in the article’s comments