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Continuing Education
Continuing Education
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Tim Kelly
Hope Propagator/Therapist

CE Opportunity! This is only available for TWO WEEKS and its FREE, so you'll need to take advantage of it quickly!

Mental Health Education & Training
Symptom Media is proud to be a guest on the most recent episode of Behavioral Health Today. Take a listen as we discuss trends in mental health education with host Dr. Graham Taylor and how Symptom Media creates high quality video simulations to accelerate, enhance, and increase the enjoyment of the learning process and to better understand the mental health diagnoses that clinicians address every day.
Oliver LubinTriad Team
Chief Product & Technology Officer

@jenn  12 great question! I'll let some other folks answer more specifically about additional tagging but wanted to let you know that I made this a featured topic (Continuing Education14). 

APA-approved continuing education for psychologists

Are you looking for continuing education opportunities? If so, bookmark -- that's Northcentral University's Center for Professional and Continuing Education. We have a number of webinars coming up which are approved by the American Psychological Association for continuing education for psychologists.

Up next: Supervision and Cultural Humility on April 9 and Telesupervision on May 14.