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Karen Romani
Clinical Psychologist in Training
Asked a question 4 months ago

I'm curious if anyone has taken and failed the EPPP exam. I'll be the first to admit that I am one of that estimated 20%. Trusting this is a judgment free zone and just hoping I'm not alone.

Where am I?

In Triad you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

Lots of people fail license exams the first time.  Keep at it!  Join a study group, hire a coach, just don't quit.  It's totally worth it in the end.  

Erica Whiting
Licensed Clinical Psychologist • AATBS EPPP Coach

Hi Karen, thanks for sharing! You're certainly not alone and while no one wants to take this exam more than once, your experience will actually give you a lot of good information for moving forward and being more strategic in your approach this time around. Check out this post for some additional tips to help you bounce back!19


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Asked a question 4 months ago
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