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Asked a question 4 months ago

How can I study by myself for exam?

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Hello!  This is a great question.  I would recommend taking as many full-length practice exams as you can.  This provides needed practice in answering exam-type questions that will be on the MFT and with help practicing stamina and timing, Beyond practice exams I would recommend studying content and utilizing active learning strategies that are useful to your learning style (taking notes, highlighting, creating flashcards, etc.). Knowing the content is important as is learning to apply that content with practice questions. I would also recommend studying more often than not, even if in shorter amounts if this is what you have available to you. For example, this could be when waiting in line at a store, between classes or appointments, etc.  

I'm sure other members will be along to provide additional helpful tips. I wish you the best of luck on your exam!

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I would suggest to study in a distraction free zone when you can, and study as much as you can, when taking exams make sure you review the rationales for both right and wrong answers to understand what the question is asking for and to see what areas you need to focus on. Also if you can and you have access to audio lectures of your study materials listen to them while you exercise or at the gym or whenever you have the time, if that works for you based on your learning style. Also figure out what the best times for you to study, like if you do your best learning in the morning or at night. I hope that helps and good luck on your exam.

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Asked a question 4 months ago
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