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After 12 years of full-time graduate study in 2 different master's programs and 2 separate PhD programs (neither one actually completed) not to mention 20 years of college instruction and university lecturing -- I am returning to my original profession of mental health counseling and my question is this: When I encounter false beliefs or ignorance that is at least somewhat related to a clients' therapy goals or tasks...or to an important issue of citizenship in today's America -- and in an area of my academic work -- how appropriate is it for me deliver a 3-5 min corrective lecturette? Assuming, of course, that we would have discussed such an eventuality in advance, cuz I miss teaching and know that I must warn people in advance...?

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I think it is very important.  One behavior I constantly see is people avoiding correcting an idea or educating an individual.  I grew up constantly either being educated or corrected.  Today it seems to me, some people would rather keep quiet.  This is not good for anyone in my opinion.  

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