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Hi all. I am looking for a advanced structural and strategic family therapy training. Does anyone know of any?

Where am I?

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Andrea Ranieri
Andrea Ranieri Triad Team

@Jennifer  Kolb @Kaynor Heineck and @Sarah Shannon do you have any suggestions?

Jennifer  Kolb
Jennifer Kolb Triad Team

I would first recommend looking into the Online Education Training opportunities with AAMFT: 

Another possible avenue is the Ackerman Institute for the Family:

Both offer online education courses, training, webinars, etc. 

Kristin Ceppaluni
Kristin Ceppaluni Triad Team

Hi Lara, 

You may want to start by contacting for structural family therapy training. Strategic family therapy is available in the US via and A two year training program is offered in Italy via 

Best of luck, Lara!

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