Without question, an individual’s personal faith in God or religion is a profound way to cope with life’s challenges and adversities, but does that mean they can’t also be helped by traditional talk therapy?

Here are two issues where traditional talk therapy can benefit people of faith.

They are Waiting on God

It is one thing to use our faith to cope with the pain and challenges of life. It is another to use our faith in God as an excuse not to help ourselves and not be willing to do the work it takes to overcome obstacles along the way.

God works in mysterious ways. We cannot know His exact plans for us, but we can and we should be active participants in our own rescue. Therapy can offer coping strategies and different perspectives that help clients/patients re-engage with the process of working toward their goals.

A Sense of Unworthiness

When people are struggling with depression, they feel broken, and unworthy of God’s love. They find it difficult to reconnect with God because deep down they don’t believe they deserve his love.

Therapy can help patients build their self-image and realize their self-worth so they can reconnect with God.

Nick Vetter is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in Northridge, CA.