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Welcome to Triad
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Welcome! Introduce yourself and/or say hello to new members. We're all here to help each other. 


Nice to meet you!

Hello! I am Christine, the Corporate Recruiter for GuideStar Eldercare, a neurological, psychiatric, behavioral health organization focused on degenerative brain diseases in the long term care setting. We provide services in Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and Texas.  Meeting people is my favorite part of the job, so feel free to reach out to me any time!

Check out our recent segment on CNBC's Advancements with Ted Danson for a better "feel" for what GuideStar is pioneering in the dementia field.


Hello everyone, 

My name is Shelley and I am currently a master's student @ Northcentral University. 

I look forward to getting to interact, read your post, and review the opportunities that are available to MFT students. 


Great Career Opportunities!

VieMed specializes in chronic respiratory care & well trained respiratory therapists. Now, with LCSW's, we are able to offer mental health & palliative care, to all of our patients. If you want a great career opportunity, with a world class employer, please answer our Triad ads! Live your life!



I am a graduate student in the MFT program at Northcentral University. 

I am coming up on that time where I need to be applying for my practicum. so I am super excited/nervous. I love this field and am passionate about the dynamics of relationships. I have always been fascinated with mental health. whether I recognized it as that or not, and cannot wait to further my education and career! 

Nice to meet you,