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Updates on the latest topics and posts in the Triad community.

Add Your Resume For a Chance to Win!

Adding your resume to your Triad profile enhances your profile and can attract employers hiring now!  Including your resume with your profile will help employers find you and match their exciting job openings with your valuable experience and expertise so you can receive interesting and relevant job opportunities, whether full-time, part-time, side gig, or internship.

For a limited time - add your resume to your Triad profile by December 7, 2022 and you will be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

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As a mental or behavioral health practitioner that supports others, who is supporting you?

As a mental/behavioral health practitioner, you give your time, talent, devotion, and energy to support so many people in need. Who is supporting you? Who is taking care of those who take care of others? We are! With our Guided EFT Recordings you the support you need to release the stress and burnout that comes from supporting your community. 

These Guided EFT recordings empower practitioners to restore their natural state of well-being on a daily basis by quickly releasing the cumulative, residual emotional impacts of working with patients.

These recordings will help you:

  • • Release undesired emotions and human reactions to highly-charged, challenging sessions and patients
  • • Release stress and shift the central nervous system out of a “triggered emotional state”
  • • Restore a grounded, calm emotional equilibrium
  • • Refresh the practitioner to let go of their work and enjoy their day/week/life
  • • Prevent burnout
  • • Prevent and heal the natural cynicism that can result from daily access to the painful stories of human suffering and psychological injustice you witness day after day, week after week.

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Your dream job is waiting for you at Triad Jobs Marketplace now.

Triad Jobs Marketplace is a curated job hub that brings more than 100,000 behavioral and mental health career opportunities directly to your job-seeking fingertips for free!  No need to put in the work of tracking down multiple individual employer’s websites or sifting through a mix of job listings just to find the positions relevant to your professional field - we’ve already put that work in for you.

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Looking for others studying for the same licensure exam?

Ready to join or start a study group with others studying for the same exam and on the same timeline as you?  Connect with other community members by posting in the study group dedicated to your licensure exam linked here.

Important details to include in your post include exam name, anticipated exam date, availability or ideal group meeting times, and a Zoom meeting link.  

Once you have posted in the study group, be sure to update your notification preferences so that you receive timely notifications from other study group members.  Here's a short video showing how to update your notification settings.

Happy studying!