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Andrea RanieriTriad Team
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Submit your Research Methods, Statistics, and Psychometrics Questions to be answered.

Hi everyone! I'm planning on developing some resources that focus on Research Methods, Statistics, and Psychometrics. Before I do, I'd like to get a sense of the topics and questions students would find most interesting. Please comment on this thread about which topics you'd find most helpful.

Erica Whiting
Licensed Clinical Psychologist • AATBS EPPP Coach

Practice Question!

(Click the image for the question, if it doesn't show).

Tips for breaking down the question:

1. Rephrase the question: Which situation is the most concerning with respect to ABAB design?

2. Identify what you know about ABAB design.

  • AKA Single case design or single subject design
  • Individuals serve as their own controls
  • Involves the repeated application and removal of treatment
  • Should be cautious about using it with severe conditions or behaviors because of ethical implications and danger around removing possibly effective treatment.

3. Go through each response, marking answers with +/-/? based on what you know.

+ is likely correct

- is incorrect

? could be correct, but need to evaluate it more

A. Subjects in the control group are from a vulnerable population. (?) While you should take great care with conducting research with vulnerable populations, each individual in a single case design serves as their own control -- there isn’t a control group. This response is partially incorrect, so it's all incorrect.

B. The treatment involves repeated administrations. (-) This describes an ABAB design and is not a concern by itself.

C. The dependent variable involves severe aggression. (+) Researchers should be cautious about withdrawing an effective treatment when the behavior or condition of interest is particularly severe or dangerous due to the risk of causing unnecessary harm to the individual.

D. The independent variable involves punishment. (?) This by itself is not a concern. Punishment involves the application or removal of a stimulus resulting in a... (More)