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What to Do When our Client is a Danger to Others...


Many states have followed California’s lead in the case of Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California by passing laws that permit or require therapists to breach client confidentiality in order to warn or protect a potential victim of the client. The specific requirements vary, but in most states, the duty to warn/protect applies only when a client has communicated to the therapist a serious threat of physical violence against an identifiable victim or victims. The appropriate action to take depends on the provisions of relevant law but may include hospitalizing the client, warning the potential victim, and notifying the police. 

Note that above, the law is for only when a client communicates to the therapist about a serious threat of physical violence. Therefore this would not include your client telling you about a threat that was made by a neighbor, or even a spouse/partner. In those situations, you would want to talk to the client about what he or she can do since they heard or know about the threat (such as calling the police themselves, etc.), but you have no legal requirement to report the threat. In fact, you could be breaching confidentiality if you did report this since it was not a direct threat from your client heard by you as the therapist.


Study Group

Hello everyone.  We are attempting to organize a MFT license exam study group.  Right now we have two people committed.  If you are interested in joining please let us know. 


Practice Question

Your client, age 16, is a member of a gang. During his third session, he expresses a great deal of anger at a rival gang member and mentions that he has a gun that he's "not afraid to use." If you believe that your client is likely to act on his anger, you are legally required to ______________.

Select one:

a. attempt to notify the intended victim and law enforcement and inform the client that you’re required to do so

b. do whatever you can to protect the intended victim, which usually includes communicating the threat to the victim and notifying law enforcement

c. fulfill your “duty to warn” by warning the intended victim or someone who can do so

d. fulfill your “duty to protect” by having the client involuntarily hospitalized

The answer and rationale will be posted in the comments on Monday. Leave your answer in the comment section too! If you have any questions about this particular question or situation, feel free to leave that in the comment section as well and we can have discussion about this topic. 


Benefits of a Study Group

Sometimes studying for an exam can feel like an isolating event. For those around us that don’t have to take this exam, it can be hard to understand the time and sacrifice it takes to pursue this goal. I can remember feeling misunderstood by family and friends when I turned down invitations to fun events, organized my time differently, and changed what was my priority at the time. I can remember feeling alone, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Then, I joined a study group and found my community. There were people out there going through the same process, experiencing the same feeling, but most importantly pursuing the same goal! We would meet weekly, organize what we planned to study that week, and then reconvene to hear each other’s work and ideas. I would learn more by sharing out loud and teaching what I had studied from that week, but would also learn from others how they learned that same topic in different ways. This was a great supplement to my studying process, and necessary for my mental health as well.

Find a study group, get plugged in, share your wisdom, and learn from others. This page is a great resource to find your community. For those of you that are interested in joining a group, leave a comment below the post.

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She wrote this in relation to a study group for nursing students, however I think these same benefits apply to those of... (More)