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Free CE Course Spotlight: Collective Trauma and the Social Construction of Meaning

This course is intended for practitioners who work with individuals and/or groups that have experienced trauma. The supporting article details the ways in which individuals within a given society react to different types of trauma, and the consequent ways that such individuals construct meaning. This report also explores the process of meaning-making at the collective level among both victims and perpetrators. The article is divided into two parts. Part one focuses on victims, and their desire to remember and create a group narrative around the respective trauma. Conversely, part two focuses on perpetrators. An exploration of the changing nature of trauma is further considered with reference to the impact of trauma. Specifically, consideration is given to the way that individuals create meaning for the past, the ways that individuals navigate present challenges respective of the endured traumas, and related preparation for future generations.

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Free CE Course Spotlight: Mindfulness and Pandemic-Related Stress

Mindfulness-based interventions have been developed for use with college students, but research on the effectiveness of these interventions is limited. The present study explored the effectiveness of a mindfulness-based group therapy intervention for helping undergraduates cope with COVID-19-related stress. This intervention, Koru Mindfulness (KM), was administered to students across four weekly sessions. A second group of students who did not participate in KM served as controls. As the COVID-19 pandemic developed, students who participated in KM showed increases in mindfulness and self-compassion, but no change in emotional distress, while control group students showed no changes in mindfulness and self-compassion but increases in stress and anxiety. Further analyses indicated that the benefits of KM were related to how much participants increased in mindfulness. These findings have clinical implications for the use of mindfulness-based interventions among college students and other young adults.

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Ready to learn about Emotional Freedom Techniques?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are a powerful tool for the ongoing self-care that a career in mental/behavioral health requires. This is high-stakes, high-pressure work. Guided EFT recordings empower practitioners to quickly release the cumulative, residual emotional impacts of working with patients.

These recordings will help you:

  • • Release undesired emotions and human reactions to highly-charged, challenging sessions and patients
  • • Release stress and shift the central nervous system out of a “triggered emotional state”
  • • Restore a grounded, calm emotional equilibrium
  • • Refresh the practitioner to let go of their work and enjoy their day/week/life
  • • Prevent burnout
  • • Prevent and heal the natural cynicism that can result from daily access to the painful stories of human suffering and psychological injustice you witness day after day, week after week.

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