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Licensed/Certified Healthcare Professionals
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Triad is now offering free supervision match to its members

Searching for a supervisor but not sure where to start? Let Triad take the work out of finding and connecting with a qualified supervisor with our new complimentary supervision match service!

To access this free supervision match service, visit Jobs Marketplace and look for the Supervision button in the navigation bar at top of the window:

As soon as you are on the Supervision page, you will have the option to indicate if you are a qualified supervisor, if you are seeking supervision, or if you are neither. Once you have selected the appropriate option, click the Save & Done button:

  • If you selected "I am a qualified supervisor", you will see a list of supervisees who are looking for a supervisor. Once you have reviewed the Specialties, Experience, Patient Focus and more and found a supervisee who you think will be a good match, you can then click the Invite Supervisee button to send the supervisee an email.
  • If you selected "I am seeking supervision", you will see a list of qualified supervisors who are available to connect with a supervisee. Once you have reviewed the Specialties, Experience, Patient Focus and more and found a supervisor who you think will be a good match, you can then click the Request Supervision button to send the supervisor an email.
  • If you selected "I am neither", your information will not be included in the available supervisor or supervisee pages.

You can return directly to the Supervision page to access the available... (More)

Become a Certified Hypnotherapist and Start Integrating Heart-Centered Hynotherapy Into Your Practice

Our Online Hypnotherapy Certification Training (6-Day Course) is tailor-made for mental health professionals, psychologists, therapists, counselors, doctors, nurses (BSN/MSN), educators, and others who feel called to use Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy to effectively treat and heal their clients.

Using hypnotherapy, therapists can spend less time talking with their clients, and more time understanding their clients and helping them heal. It goes without saying: getting trained in hypnotherapy is an incredible experience. Thousands of graduates of The Wellness Institute have learned how powerful hypnotherapy can be as a tool in their toolkit, and The Wellness Institute is one of the foremost institutes for hypnotherapy training, and our programs are recognized by licensing boards in most states.

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Experience an AATBS Continuing Education course and earn CE Credit - for free!


Did you know that AATBS offers multiple CE Courses for free?  

These courses are approved by national boards including the APA, ASWB, NBCC, BACB and more (approvals vary by licensure), cover exciting and relevant topics, and provide CE credit for free!  These courses will offer you with the opportunity to experience the high quality of AATBS Continuing Education courses at no cost to you.

Find courses for your licensure below:

Psychology Free CE Courses

Social Work Free CE Courses

MFT Free CE Courses

Counseling Free CE Courses

BCBA Free CE Course

Free CE Course Spotlight: Clinical Advances in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

This course discusses recent developments in the evidence-based treatment and management of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). New and emerging advances in treatment of OCD is reviewed from clinical and translational research studies. Evidence is reviewed including the refinement of assessment methods for diagnosis, the importance of early intervention, relapse prevention, and novel strategies to address treatment resistant OCD. New areas of research around obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders are discussed as novel forms of treatment are needed to manage these related, but distinct, psychological health problems.

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