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Free CE Course Spotlight: Mindfulness and Meditation Research

Mindfulness is an umbrella term that is used to characterize a large number of practices, processes, and characteristics that are primarily defined relative to the capacities of attention, awareness, memory/retention, and acceptance/discernment. Mindfulness has achieved wide-ranging cross-discipline popularity with the passage of time in psychology, psychiatry, medicine, and neuroscience. Problems and challenges associated with mindfulness include misinformation, related definition difficulties, and poor historical study methodologies. Researchers recommend a prescriptive agenda with a focus on assessment, possible adverse effects, and mindfulness training.

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Don't miss the next Let's Talk webinar: Tracking Expenses & Income in Private Practice

The financial side of private practice can be confusing and overwhelming. It’s an area where so many therapists and health practitioners struggle because most of us were never taught how to manage money. So, we end up avoiding it altogether and just hope and pray it all works out at the end of each month. But the more we avoid it, the worse it gets. And when you don’t know what’s happening with your money, it’s hard to make good financial decisions.

In this workshop, Linzy Bonham is going to help you move from avoidance into taking action. She’ll walk you through how you can track your expenses and income in your private practice. Attendees will get a customized spreadsheet calculator that helps to take the guesswork out of what to track.

About the speaker: Linzy Bonham is a therapist turned money coach who teaches women therapists and health practitioners the money skills to feel empowered and in control of their private practice finances, so they can have rich and fulfilling lives. As the daughter of an accountant, Linzy inherited a good dose of bookkeeping brain, resulting in a perfect mix of spreadsheet and heart. With this rare mix of talents she has created a way to approach finances in a way that provides clarity, calm, and confidence. Linzy has helped hundreds of therapists and health practitioners in her signature course, Money Skills For Therapists, and thousands more through her free resources (including her podcast by the same name).... (More)

Free CE Course Spotlight: Head, Heart, and Gut in Decision Making

Recent literature supports the idea that decision-making involves cognition, emotion, and intuition. The purpose of this course is to review the evidence for a three-factor model of head, heart, and gut aspects of cognition in decision making and to report on a designed and validated instrument that measures the aforementioned aspects. Researchers found that 52% of respondents were not able to accurately predict their head, heart, or gut decision-preference. The benefit of specifying the source of the decision-making activity to the head, heart, or gut enables skilled professionals to work specifically with individuals to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of their cognitions as a whole. 

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