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Triad BCBA Study Group
Triad BCBA Study Group
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Welcome to the Triad BCBA Study Group!

This study group is moderated by a coach and exam prep expert who has passed the BCBA exam.  The coach and exam prep expert regularly posts study and exam-taking tips, practice questions, words of encouragement, and more.

Once you join the group you can:

  • Gain access to test strategies, motivation and inspiration, recommendations, and more, all tailored to your specific BCBA exam.
  • Connect with others studying for the same exam and create or join smaller, focused study groups.
  • Ask questions about the exam, content, or your study plan in the Study Group and get feedback and recommendations from the Triad coach or another community member.
  • Stay up-to-date with exam changes and updates.
Stephanie Sinn
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

International Credential

There is an additional resource for behavior analysis enthusiasts who will not be able to take the BCBA® examination due to their country of residence or if you are interested in working internationally at some point. 

The International Behavior Analysis Organization (IBOA)™ is a global organization that exists to “ensure ethical practices, protect consumers, and maintain appropriate educational standards in the field of ABA around the world.” 

The IBAO™ offers two certifications: International Behavior Analyst (IBA)™ and International Behavior Therapist (IBT)™.  The prerequisite requirements for both credentials can be found on the IBAO™ website, and existing BACB® certificates can obtain a credential by sending a copy of their certificate to the IBOA™ and paying a fee. 

Visit the IBAO™ website to learn more:


Stephanie Sinn
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Studying and Sleep

Sleeping is just as important as the act of studying! I can understand where it is easier said than done to get enough sleep, but have you read some of the research that spans over the last 20 years? Research has found a correlation between sleep and test scores in that getting more regular nights of sleep can lead to improved test scores. Additionally, sleep can improve memory retention and recall by between 20 and 40 percent.

It's understandable that we can’t all be consistent with sleep every night, but what about the night before your BCBA exam? Have you planned out what the night before and morning of will look like? Consider planning to relax as best as possible (e.g., bubble bath, comedy television show, meditation, walk the dog, etc.) and get to bed early! When I created my plan, I set a cut off time for studying. At that point in your studying, you should be set. I ate a nice dinner, relaxed, and slept a full night of sleep. 

What is your plan? How do you prioritize sleep?