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News & Announcements
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Welcome to Triad! Here you will find news, announcements, and other bits of information about the the products and services we are building.  

Alaina Talboy
Dr. Alaina Talboy - Cognitive Psychology

"Field Guide for Thriving in Graduate Studies" Book Launch Party Mar 29th at 11am PST

For the last few years, I've been providing 1-on-1 mentoring for graduate students who need help transitioning from their degree into their next career stage. Those with advanced degrees are prepared to take on a variety of career positions but often lack the language to accurately describe what they bring to the table for their next employer.

Through these mentoring chats, I've taught students how to 

  • manage time and energy to stay on track with graduate degree milestones,
  • identify highly sought after skills to develop during their studies,
  • create living documents like resumes,
  • translate their academic tasks into highly sought after industry skills,
  • and identify career paths to pursue with their advanced degree.

The success my students have experienced using these strategies is something I want to share more broadly. As a result, I published all of this and more in What I Wish I Knew: A Field Guide for Thriving in Graduate Studies, available for purchase on March 29th, 2022. This book is geared toward those who are currently enrolled or about to enroll in an advanced degree program such as an MA or PhD. 

In this Twitter Space, I'll talk through a lot of the topics I covered in this book, as well as some that did not make the final cut. Join this Space to learn how to make the most of your time during an advanced degree to land a role you love on the other side!


Virginia Mental Health virtual hiring fair 3/31/22 @ 12pm EST

Family Preservation Services of VA is hosting a Lunch & Learn virtual hiring fair 3/31 @ 12pm- attend to learn more about our mental health services in Virginia, what we offer new graduates and seasoned professionals that sets us apart, and speak directly to hiring managers in YOUR area!
To RSVP, click on the QR code. #readytowork #readytohire #socialworkjobs #virginiajobs #mentalhealth

Linda Smith
CEO President and MMFT-TL

Hello everyone-I want to announce at our new location we now are offering special events and a wedding chapel to the community setting.

Go to to find out more about me.

Heather Corwin
Therapist in Chicago Area

I'm confused as to what Triad is to offer. I was under the impression that I could find EPPP study groups here, but have yet to find any. If you can point me in the right direction, please do!