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Welcome to Triad! Now that you've joined the largest growing community for behavioral and mental health professionals, here are a few things you can do next:

  • Introduce yourself here and say hello to other new members 👇
  • 📋 Fill out your member profile
  • Add your license and credential information to your profile
  • Start sharing with the entire Triad community by:
    • Asking a question you have about exam prep, license application/renewals, continuing education, or more
    • Posting about a challenge you're experiencing with your own studies or practice
    • Responding to another member's question with your own unique experience and insight
    • Sharing a helpful article, tip, or words of encouragement

We're glad you're here!


Here's What You'll Find on Triad

Hello from your friends at Triad, the hub for behavioral and mental health professionals. We are thrilled to welcome you to the community!

What is Triad?

Triad was created by the same people who brought you AATBS, Gerry Grossman Seminars, Taylor Study Method, and Academic Review.

Think of Triad as the LinkedIn for behavioral and mental health professionals. We have a Jobs Marketplace that only includes behavioral and mental health positions, an active community with only behavioral and mental health posts, and tons of members who are behavioral and mental health professionals.

Who is Triad for?

As a member of the Triad community, you now have access to active member groups full of professionals just like you, our Jobs Marketplace, featuring nearly 1,000 behavioral and mental health career opportunities, and the latest news and content – all specifically curated to you and your licensure.

We encourage you to explore the site, complete your profile, ask questions and participate in discussions, answer questions posed by other members, and share your knowledge. Support members through likes and comments and help this vibrant community - built specifically for you and your colleagues - grow.

Set your preferences

In the days ahead, we will deliver the top posts from the Triad community directly to your inbox, so you can keep track of what's going on in the world of mental health. We’ll also be posting news and updates here.

You can also follow specific people, topics, or groups to stay informed about what's happening... (More)


Complete your Triad member profile and stand out!

We’re thrilled that you’re a member of this active community and hope that you’re enjoying Triad. Now that you’ve had some time to explore the community, we’d like to take this opportunity to get to know you a little bit better.

One of the many helpful Triad features is your member profile. This profile allows you to provide information specific to you, your experience, your therapeutic approach, and more. Some of the great benefits to completing your profile are:

  • Receiving interesting and relevant job opportunities, whether full-time, part-time, or side gigs.
  • Viewing more curated content just for you, so you're always up to date on what is happening in your field.
  • The profile information you provide will help us build better, targeted, and more efficient tools and resources to help save you time so you can focus on your patients.

Fill out your profile, stand out from the crowd

Additionally, there is a measurable, visible impact that a completed profile (those like Theo’s) can make in the community versus those that have not yet been completed (like Emma’s). You can see that difference here:

A completed profile stands out in the Triad community and helps attract the attention of prospective employers, networking professionals, and like-minded members.

Completing your Profile is Easy

To add more details to your profile, go to your profile page. You can click on each section located under the Triad Profile Setup menu on the left side of the window to update your basic information such... (More)