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Hello from your friends at Triad, the hub for behavioral and mental health professionals. We are thrilled to welcome you to the community!

What is Triad?

Triad was created by the same people who brought you AATBS, Gerry Grossman Seminars, Taylor Study Method, and Academic Review.

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Think of Triad as the LinkedIn for behavioral and mental health professionals. We have a Jobs Marketplace that only includes behavioral and mental health positions, an active community with only behavioral and mental health posts, and tons of members who are behavioral and mental health professionals.

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As a member of the Triad community, you now have access to active member groups full of professionals just like you, our Jobs Marketplace, featuring more than a thousand behavioral and mental health career opportunities, and the latest news and content – all specifically curated to you and your licensure.

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Hello! I'm a new member and very anxious :D hope to learn on this platform.

Hi, I'm shanthi. Completed my M.An in ABA. And preparing for BIG EXAM.
Heather Richardson
Master's of Social Work - Program Coordinator for students who have experienced foster care in college

I am Heather, studying for the LMSW test after quite some time post grad.

Hi, I am Heather, an MSW who is 11 years post-grad (post-MSW) professional who has been in the field of social work for 17 years. I know that's a long time without being licensed - which makes it that much more difficult to prepare for a licensing examination. I have been a practicing child welfare professional for 16 years and in higher ed as a social worker for another 1 year. I now want to tackle my LMSW as a personal accomplishment with the hope to go into private practice one day. I plan to do this concurrently with my current employment. But after having children for the past 23 years at home, now that 3 have flown the nest with 1 more leaving in a year and the last entering high school, now seems like the best time. I am looking for a study group and camaraderie. Below is an article written on the new program I recently launched in my state. Thanks everyone!