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Leading provider of live online special education related services

PresenceLearning's Open House Event, hosted May 21st!

Here at PresenceLearning, our company mission is to provide exceptional, high-quality, and innovative teletherapy tools and services for PreK—12 students with special needs to help them grow and thrive. Along with that comes our commitment to our clinicians, providing them with a proprietary platform that puts all the therapy tools they need at their fingertips. Does this sound good to you?

If so, then we hope you’ll join us for an Open House on Friday, May 21, at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET, to see what telepractice looks like at PresenceLearning. You’ll see us demonstrate the unique features and benefits of our platform, hear from our clinical experts, and get your questions answered by our recruiting team!

Register now for this one-hour live event—we look forward to seeing you there!

Taneka White
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


My name is Taneka White.  I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  I hope everyone is well.  If you and or someone you know is seeking supervision towards licensure, and or a professional wanting to learn how to practice from a systemic perspective, please feel free to reach out to me for a consultation via email at  Thank you! 

World Book Day: Mental Health Books We Love!

Washington Psychological Wellness celebrates World Book Day by promoting some of our favorite mental health books and resources!


Happy World Book Day!

The world has been collectively experiencing trauma a result of COVID-19. We, as mental health practionners are not immune. The past year has affected us like none other and we’re still learning how to deal with the mental and emotional effects not only for ourselves but our clients. 

As mental health professionals, it's important we lean toward each other, colloborate and share as many resources as we can during tiring times. That is exactly why our team at Washington Psychological Wellness put together this list of mental health resources and books we jointly love. 

Here are two books we love:

􀀀 “It Didn’t Start with You” by Mark Wolynn

􀀀 “The Body Keeps Score” by Bessel Can Der Kolk 

For a complete List of Resources Check Out:

       Feel free to use this resource or share it with clients or colleagues! 

       What are some mental health book suggestions to add to our list!?

       We are always looking for more recommendations! 


Tim Kelly
Hope Propagator/Therapist

5 Things You Haven't Considered About Telemental Health

There are so many topics that have come up over the past year about how to provide good ethical care via telehealth while practicing self-care at the same time. I've contemplated the past year of pandemic telehmental health treatment and put together a free resource of tips I've found helpful in navigating telehealth practice and some questions that have come up. Claim these must have tips that cover

  • self care and boundaries
  • access to telehealth (and new barriers)
  • considerations for psychiatric emergencies.