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Lindsay Miller
Private Practice Consultant at SonderMind

Interested in expanding your practice?

Working with SonderMind: The Easy Way To Build Your Private Practice

SonderMind connects mental health providers to networks of new patients, helps with payor credentialing, manages the billings and claims processes, and guarantees instant payment on claims. 

We know therapy works. That's why we’re redesigning mental healthcare to make it easier to find and access therapy; all while using insurance. 

If you are a licensed therapist and would like to grow a practice with the type of clients and caseload you’ve always wanted send me a message! Or email/text me at, (720)-637-4713




Graceanne Schwegel
Talent Acquisition Manager


We are looking to partner with clinicians to provide therapy to our growing waitlist.  Most sessions are conducted virtually with the ability to be in office in the NYC area.  If you are interested in finding out more please email me your resume -

Oliver Lubin
Chief Product & Technology Officer

What is the role of mental health in supporting lesser-known diseases, injuries, or conditions?

A friend recently posted this story about himself and it got me wondering what role mental health  plays in supporting people affected by lesser-known or not-fully-understood diseases, conditions, or injuries. 

In this case ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) seems like an ideal candidate for assistance because of the very nature of the condition.

48% Of Telehealth Claims Were for Behavioral Health in 2020

Behavioral health conditions in 2020 accounted for almost half of all telehealth visits in the U.S. as the country began its sojourn through the coronavirus pandemic.

At that time, the behavioral health industry appeared to shift even further toward telehealth adoption and utilization even though behavioral health made up the largest share of all telehealth claims in 2019, according to a new report by the New York City-based health insurance and cost data nonprofit Fair Health.

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