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Triad Study Groups
Triad Study Groups

Hello, I am looking for a study group for the law and ethics exam. Please test me at 510-326-6463 in details or reply here. Thanks,Lyla

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With the end of summer, are you transitioning back into a study routine?

Are your study hours different this fall than they were during the summer? Depending on the shift in your schedule, you may find yourself with either more time or less time to study than you did during the summer. Whether back to school means back to work or you’re sending your kids off during the day, we’ve got tips to help you succeed in the transition.

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Studying for the EPPP exam? Support your exam preparation with this free EPPP study plan!

Organize, refresh and support your existing study plan by using this free 9-month study plan created by an AATBS coach! The study plan offers a weekly guide to assist you in efficiently and effectively planning your exam preparation and to help you pass the EPPP.

You can also further support your exam preparation and connect with others studying for the same exam by joining a private study group by submitting the short form found at the top of the study group page here.

EPPP 9-month Study Plan

*Apply for licensure to the licensing board in the jurisdiction where you are seeking licensure.

*To register for the EPPP and additional information, view the ASPPB:

*Domains are divided into categories based upon the weight of content tested on the exam:

  • Category A – Biological Bases of Behavior, Assessment and Diagnosis, & Professional/Ethical/Legal Issues (42%)
  • Category B – Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behavior, Growth and Lifespan Development, & Treatment, Intervention, Prevention, and Supervision (40%)
  • Category C- Research Methods and Statistics & Social and Cultural Bases of Behavior (18%)

Week 1: Getting Started

  1. Consider the amount of time that is available for studying each study session
  2. Set up your study station
  3. Complete, score, and review one practice exam to identify your current areas of strengths and weaknesses

Weeks 2-9: Content Studying Category A – Utilize learning style to master content (i.e., highlighting, create flashcards, listen to audio recordings, take notes, etc.)

  1. Read content associated with Biological Bases of Behavior
  2. Read content associated with... (More)