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Side Gigs
Maria Diaz
HRBP | Consultant | Research | Data Science | Forensic and General Psychology

helping children

Does anyone want to help children in crisis ( Open 24/7 so it can be your side gig (Sacramento CA).

PresenceEmployer Partner
Leading provider of live online special education related services

***Licensed School Psychologist needed in Nebraska and Ohio***

PresenceLearning is currently looking for a Licensed School Psychologist in Nebraska and Ohio. If you know of anyone that would be open to new opportunities or supplemental income please send them our way. We partner with K-12 school districts and our options are completely remote tele-therapy based. I am here to answer any questions and would be more than happy to jump on an information call.ย 


Family Preservation Services of Virginia virtual hiring event

Our Family Preservation Services of Virginia virtual hiring event starts in one day! If you're interested, register here You'll hear about our culture, great benefits, job openings, and even be able to speak to the hiring manager in your area. We look forward to seeing you there!ย 

Oliver Lubin
Chief Product & Technology Officer

Interesting side jobs?

Anyone have any interesting side jobs they want to share?ย 

For example, at Triad we have a number of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) who work with us as a side job outside of their daily practice.ย