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Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading

Andrea Ranieri
Cognitive Psychologist, Ph.D.

I came across this guide - great for students or anyone wanting a little more clarification on gender terms and identity.

World Book Day: Mental Health Books We Love!

Washington Psychological Wellness celebrates World Book Day by promoting some of our favorite mental health books and resources!


Happy World Book Day!

The world has been collectively experiencing trauma a result of COVID-19. We, as mental health practionners are not immune. The past year has affected us like none other and we’re still learning how to deal with the mental and emotional effects not only for ourselves but our clients. 

As mental health professionals, it's important we lean toward each other, colloborate and share as many resources as we can during tiring times. That is exactly why our team at Washington Psychological Wellness put together this list of mental health resources and books we jointly love. 

Here are two books we love:

􀀀 “It Didn’t Start with You” by Mark Wolynn

􀀀 “The Body Keeps Score” by Bessel Can Der Kolk 

For a complete List of Resources Check Out:

       Feel free to use this resource or share it with clients or colleagues! 

       What are some mental health book suggestions to add to our list!?

       We are always looking for more recommendations! 


Hello all! 👋 Check out my most recent blog post. 👇

Do you ever have difficulty getting to bed because your mind is on an endless to-do list? Do you think about all the bad things that could possibly happen tomorrow and how you might deal with those things? Do you ever find it difficult to be present or sit still because your mind is going a mile a minute? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be an over-thinker. Overthinking is a common phenomenon in our modern world and something that I see quite often in my psychotherapy practice in Pasadena, CA. Here are some common Q & As on this topic to help you gain a foundational understanding of overthinking:

[NEW BLOG] What Is Overthinking, Why Do I Do It, and How Do I Stop?

[NEW BLOG] What Is Overthinking, Why Do I Do It, and How Do I Stop?
Jennifer KolbTriad Team
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Reading: Using the Body to Help Clients Break Old Habits and Stuck Patterns

So often as clinicians, we strive to understand our client's feelings and attitudes. While this is ingrained in our field and significant, it's only one aspect of the whole person. For example, stress and anxiety can often manifest in more physical symptoms. In an article by Psychotherapy Networker, the author presents a three-step somatic process to enhance the therapeutic process with clients. This allows clinicians to understand both the emotional and physical senses of their clients. You can read more here.