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Private Practice
Private Practice

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The Challenges of Private Practice


Starting a private practice—hanging a shingle—is a dream for many licensed clinical social workers. Some enter their master’s programs with this goal already in mind, while others, after years of experience in varying roles, come to learn that private practice may be where they can be most effective and, importantly, happy as a professional.

“I think there are people who are temperamentally able to roll with bureaucracies and function really well and do great work within a bureaucracy. I am not temperamentally suited,” laughs Liz Fletcher, LCSW, when discussing why she went into private practice. Fletcher opened her practice, Big Sky Counseling, Inc, in Oklahoma in 2013.

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The Wellness InstitutePartner
The leading provider of hypnotherapy training for licensed mental health professionals

Weekend Workshops With the Founders: David and Diane


Join founders, David & Diane, as they host 3 weekend workshops for graduates of the 6-Day Hypnotherapy Certification course focused on specific and topical education to help broaden the mind and develop your professional toolkit.

Choose 1 or all 3, and see how they can transform you.  Spaces Limited!

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