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Weekend Workshops With the Founders: David and Diane


Join founders, David & Diane, as they host 3 weekend workshops for graduates of the 6-Day Hypnotherapy Certification course focused on specific and topical education to help broaden the mind and develop your professional toolkit.

Choose 1 or all 3, and see how they can transform you.  Spaces Limited!

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Social Work




Risa Giordano
Voted for Unsure

What has made the most difference to me is having experience with clients and in the early years in my career learning the ropes in agency work. I had individual (1x a week) and group supervision(2x a week).  I continue to avail myself of consultation on a regular basis.  I think being supervised in the work I did was the strongest evidence of my competence.  Some of the credentialing that existed before the present testing involved getting written recommendations from clinicians who had witnessed the work I did.  I did take one essay exam for a Diplomate in Clinical Social Work in 1999 and having to write out my thinking and have 3 other Diplomates read it and score it also seemed an in depth measure of what I can do.  I don't think a multiple choice test is the best measure of competence in the field - it shows who can take a test well though.

Free CE Course Spotlight: Head, Heart, and Gut in Decision Making

Recent literature supports the idea that decision-making involves cognition, emotion, and intuition. The purpose of this course is to review the evidence for a three-factor model of head, heart, and gut aspects of cognition in decision making and to report on a designed and validated instrument that measures the aforementioned aspects. Researchers found that 52% of respondents were not able to accurately predict their head, heart, or gut decision-preference. The benefit of specifying the source of the decision-making activity to the head, heart, or gut enables skilled professionals to work specifically with individuals to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of their cognitions as a whole. 

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