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Resume the conversation with Dr. Graham Taylor and Jerry Barone of Effective School Solutions (ESS). They discuss other ESS programs including, virtual therapeutic support, crisis assessment, and re-entry solutions, mental health vision, planning the support, and their successes. Last year through February, this year, Effective School Solutions had 89% of students fully engaged in virtual services, 16% increase in GPA, absences were down 35%, disciplinary incidents were reduced by 38% and the retention of their students in the districts was around 99%. As we look toward the re-entry challenges back into the classroom for Fall 2021, our goal should be to provide our students, teachers, and parents with tools to self-regulate and as a result, many kids will be just fine.

World Book Day: Mental Health Books We Love!

Washington Psychological Wellness celebrates World Book Day by promoting some of our favorite mental health books and resources!


Happy World Book Day!

The world has been collectively experiencing trauma a result of COVID-19. We, as mental health practionners are not immune. The past year has affected us like none other and we’re still learning how to deal with the mental and emotional effects not only for ourselves but our clients. 

As mental health professionals, it's important we lean toward each other, colloborate and share as many resources as we can during tiring times. That is exactly why our team at Washington Psychological Wellness put together this list of mental health resources and books we jointly love. 

Here are two books we love:

􀀀 “It Didn’t Start with You” by Mark Wolynn

􀀀 “The Body Keeps Score” by Bessel Can Der Kolk 

For a complete List of Resources Check Out:

       Feel free to use this resource or share it with clients or colleagues! 

       What are some mental health book suggestions to add to our list!?

       We are always looking for more recommendations! 


Self-Care Challenge!

Self-Care Challenge by Washington Psychological Wellness


Saturday Self-Care Challenge! 

As mental health professionals, we frequently tote the importance of self-care to our clients. But why is it that we often neglect our own self-care needs? This is a friendly challenge brought to you by Washington Psychological Wellness,  encouraging you to engage in self-care today! Whether it be going for a walk, taking a bath, yoga, meditation, whatever, just do something! Mental health professional to mental health professional :) 

What is your self-care routine for today!?

Jennifer KolbTriad Team
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Teleheath Services

With the pandemic nearing its one year mark, the need for telehealth services has dramatically increased over the past year. Stay-at-home orders even required some practitioners to practice across state lines.  Are you a practitioner that has been offering telehealth services? Check out the APA's article, What to know about doing telehealth in a different state. 

By APA’s Office of Legal and State Advocacy and the California Psychological Association